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5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Community

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In these uncertain days it’s been made clear that the essential thing that we can do for the world and for ourselves is to stay at home and stay healthy. Everyday that we spend in our homes we’re helping to reduce the spread of the covid-19 and therefore we’re helping to save lives, but how can you actually contribute to your community who are going above and beyond in this situation? Many of us wonder how else we can collaborate with our community in solving an unprecedented crisis that needs the help and responsibility of all of us. Here are some suggestions to help our family, friends and neighbours.

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Do not spread information without context, or fake news


The amount of information that is shared through messages and social media has been bombarding us all during these days. It is crucial that before hitting the send or publish button we make sure that the information we are sharing with our friends, family or followers is verified. By sharing that funny meme that contains false information or that sensational article without any source of quality, we can be doing a lot of damage to those who do not have the resources or the ability to differentiate the true from the false. Let’s all try to bring out the best and spread the realistic and positive messages that the world needs to hear.

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Teach or attend online


Some psychologists, teachers and mental health activists are helping solve doubts and help with anxiety. This is the case for We Are HummingBird who is a community of music lovers that have united to spread awareness of mental health. We’ve partnered with them to answer any questions you may have so feel free to email or DM us on any of our channels for complimentary advice. In addition, there are dozens of trainers and cooks sharing their knowledge with their followers. We can all contribute, and perhaps sharing some of your own skills with others through the Internet can help or make someone feel less alone.

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Support the elderly and emotional vulnerable


Something we can all do from home everyday of our isolation is to check by telephone that the elderly people in our community and afar are doing well. Call your relatives, neighbors and friends and make sure they’re in good health as well as giving them emotional support and affection. Let’s not forget that all around the world there’s millions of older people that live alone so it’s very important that if you know of anyone in this situation that you help them understand what’s happening and give them clear and verified information. We need to take advantage of that call to inform them with rigor and truthfulness – many older people rely on television and sometimes that includes bad journalism so they’re not rightfully informed. Go pick up your phone!

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Make a donation to a charity


If possible, it is a time to help the most vulnerable. By making a donation to one of the dozens of charities that work every day with people that are unstable during this crisis and you will be contributing to help make life more bearable for hundreds of those affected. Here are some suggestions of charities you could check:


  • Shelter: Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support and legal services. Currently they’re aiming to help people facing urgent housing issues. You can visit their website for more information.


  • DePau: This charity is working tirelessly to minimise the risk of Coronavirus by supporting people who are facing homeless through this crisis with the help of dedicated people on the ground and protecting the amazing progress they’ve achieved so far. You can visit their website for more information.



  • International Committee of Red Cross: The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest humanitarian network. Its community-based volunteers and staff help the world’s most vulnerable people, including those living in countries with under-resourced health and social welfare systems; people recovering from recent disasters; migrants and displaced people; those in conflict zones and who face ongoing violence; people in urban slums; detainees; and people suffering from the socio-economic impact of COVID-19. You can visit their website for more information.


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Buy food responsibly


The sight of empty supermarket shelves, overflowing shopping trolleys, endless queues to get into the supermarkets, and the needless stacks of toilet paper collected in homes without any sense, has to end. So before your next trip to the supermarket please be sure to think compassionately about others – do you really need another packet of pasta? The authorities have confirmed on multiple occasions that the supply of food is guaranteed, so buying responsibly is one of the practices that we all can carry out for the good of all. Try to support your local store and invest in that little bakery on the corner, or the greengrocer on the back street and to go to the small supermarket rather than to the large stores. 

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Listen to what the authorities are telling you! 


We all see there are blue skies and the air of spring is coming but you can enjoy it from home too. In the UK or in Germany for example, people are allowed to exercise in the green spaces that are open for millions of people that need it for the essential walk. If you have this option please do the right thing and follow the rules of social distance. Remember you could be putting others at risk so act accordingly which means being honest and thoughtful towards your environment. Union is strength! 



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