2020 Beach Cleans

It’s currently estimated that there are 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic in the sea, weighing 259,000 tons. That’s roughly the same as 1345 blue whales, and 5 times the number of stars in our galaxy – what would you rather see?

By 2050, plastic in the ocean could outweigh fish, and plastic pollution is only going to get worse. Who is responsible? All of us.

The ocean’s deadliest predator is a man-made problem, but there’s a man-made solution too. Together we can help prevent and clear up this mess for a healthy ocean and planet.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help save the ocean we’re committed to cleaning beaches at least once a week during the season – but we need your help! Join us every Thursday as we eliminate plastic waste from the west coast of San Antonio. In return we’ll provide complimentary O Beach Ibiza merchandise, light refreshments and entry into our ONE party on the same day.

One planet. One ocean. One step closer to ending plastic pollution.

Let’s turn the tide on plastic – our ocean will thank you for it.

Join us on ONE journey through the beats of r’n’b, garage, hip hop and soulful house as we bring you a second year of standout headliners and pioneering acts from this comeback genre alongside resident DJs Spoony, Tom Crane, Grant Collins and many more.

ONE is a party uniting people through the power of music, connecting the dance floor and creating a movement in which everyone is invited. So be sure to bring nothing but love as there is only ONE place to be on a Thursday!

See the full lineup here: www.obeachibiza.com/one

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